Welcome to the Allstate Sponsorship Submission Website

Welcome and thank you for considering Allstate Insurance Company as a potential marketing partner for your organization.

We use this online submission system to objectively evaluate each advertising, marketing sponsorship or marketing donation opportunity.  We do not accept requests via any other method.  The Allstate Foundation provides grants to qualified nonprofit organizations.  More information is available at www.allstatefoundation.org.

To submit a sponsorship request:

  1. Select Register above.
  2. Enter your email address and click register.
  3. Look for an email from noreply@conxport.com. Be sure to check any SPAM or junk mail folders if you don't receive the email in your Inbox.
  4. Login using the temporary password provided in the email.
  5. Create your own password and fill out the profile form.
  6. Create a new Sponsorship request by clicking New Request on the My Requests page.
  7. Fill out the required fields on all three steps (marked by red asterisks *).
  8. Click Submit Request on the final third step of the form to send your Sponsorship request form to the review team.

We look forward to receiving your online presentation.  If we have questions or interest in your program we will contact you directly.