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Thank you for contacting Nestlé Waters North America regarding your product placement opportunity.

This web site has been designed to allow companies to present their opportunities to Nestlé Waters North America in an efficient and effective manner. You will be allowed to submit logos, photos and cover letters that will help bring your opportunity to life. In addition, we have set up several steps to help us obtain information, which will help guide the decision making process concerning your sponsorship or special event.

New users, please click "Register."  Returning users, please sign in with your email address and previously established password. You can stay informed on where your request lies within our review process by simply going to the "My Requests" section to stay informed. Once your proposal is submitted, an acknowledgement email will be sent to your inbox. If you do not receive an email, please double check your proposal status in the "My Requests" section and check your junk mail filters on your email.

Please note, once your information is submitted, the proper Nestlé Waters Associate will review the document and determine if your opportunity is a strategic fit for our brands.

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